Thursday, April 28, 2011

R7RS discussion warming up

I would still appreciate pointers as to how to implement this ;-) Anyone can implement Scheme, but only half a dozen people have implemented separate compilation with hygienically introduced toplevel bindings.Andy Wingo of Guile

For example, '幺' (U+5e7a) has Numeric_Type = 'Numeric', since the character means small or young, so it can sometimes mean 1 in some specific context (for Japanese, probably the only place it means '1' is in some Mah-jong terms.) So, when I'm scanning a string and found that char-numeric? returns #t for a character, and that character happens to '幺' (U+5e7a), and then what I do? It is probably a part of other word so I should treat it as an alphabetic character. And even if I want to make use of it, I need a separate database to look up to know what number '幺' is representing.Shiro Kawai of Gauche

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