Monday, April 19, 2010

Mr. Pestov @ Third World Languages Camp

The Emerging Languages Camp looks interesting, even if ole' astroturfer Tim Oh Really is sponsoring it.

My big hope is that Slava will beat some much-needed PLT-Fu into the langsmiths there. Especially Rob Pike.

Heck, Commander Pike is my hero, but his taste for PLs is simply way off. He seems to be sitting in a completely different branch of the evolutionary tree than the rest of us.

After the Lisps, I think Factor is the greatest PL today. I wouldn't want to code in it (Dup? No. *), but the general direction is totally right. Get the OO stuff right, and give everybody a run for their money, dynamicity-wise.

(* Factor coders always say that in normal Factor code, you won't use dup and consorts. However, almost all Factor code I've seen contains these, IMHO, abominations, just like every Scheme code I've ever seen implements an object system in terms of cons. Which should really lead to automatic destruction of one's computer.)

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