Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PL Predictions for 2011

  • JSON will be the default format for new internet APIs.
  • As more people use JSON, we'll see a XML renaissance, as we - for the first time - discover that XML actually gets some things right. No really.
  • GHC will get typed type-level programming and end this highly embarrassing state of untypedness. ;)
  • We'll have a verified compiler-and-OS toolchain for compiling and running some kinds of apps. It won't be x86-based.
  • All kinds of stuff targetting JavaScript.
  • Split stacks and maybe some scheduler improvements will be shown competitive with green threads in the millions-of-threads!!1! (anti-)scenario.
I'd really like to predict some insanely great new PL for 2011...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They already made json schemas so I guess the json crowd is starting to realize the limitations.

One problem that I'm not sure that json faces is that XML cannot encode arbitrary binary. You can do a padded UTF-16 trick or base64 but it isn't enough.