Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some nice paperz on delimited continuations and first-class macros

My current obsessions are delimited continuations (see my intro post) and first-class macros (fexprs). Here are some nice papers related to these topics:

Three Implementation Models for Scheme is the dissertation of Kent Dybvig (of Chez Scheme fame). It contains a very nice abstract machine for (learning about) implementing a Scheme with first-class continuations. I'm currently trying to grok and implement this model, and then extend it to delimited continuations.

A Monadic Framework for Delimited Continuations contains probably the most succinct description of delimited continuations (on page 3), along with a typically hair-raising example of their use.

Adding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming Environment. One of the authors is Matthew Flatt, so you know what to expect - a tour de force. The paper is about how Racket implements delimited control and integrates it with all the other features of Racket (dynamic-wind, exceptions, ...). Apropos, compared to Racket, Common Lisp is a lightweight language.

Subcontinuations. This is an early paper on delimited continuations. It also describes control filters, a low level facility on top of which dynamic-wind can be implemented. Control filters are also mentioned - in passing - as a nice tool in the Racket paper (above).

Fexprs as the basis of Lisp function application or $vau: the ultimate abstraction and the Revised-1 Report on the Kernel Programming Language. These two are probably the two papers I would take to the desert island at the moment. I'm only a long-time apprentice of programming languages, but I know genius when I see it.

If you know of any related nice papers, let me know!

On Twitter, Paul Snively mentioned Oleg's paper Delimited Control in OCaml, Abstractly and Concretely, but probably only because he's mentioned in the Acknowlegdements - kidding! It's a great paper, and I'm studying it too, but unfortunately it's not really applicable to implementing delimited control in JavaScript, which is what I'm trying to do.

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