Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going co-nuclear

I was discussing implementation inheritance on Twitter (no really!), when it dawned on me that my discussion partner was from a different "paradigm cult", and no agreement was possible.

John Shutt describes it nicely in his post Memetic Organisms:
The meme set carried by the [memetic] organism includes a mass of theories, some of which contradict each other. At the center of this mass is a nucleus of theories that are supposed to be believed (part of what Kuhn called a paradigm). Surrounding the nucleus are theories that are meant to be contrasted with the paradigm and rejected, together with memes about how to conduct the contrast; one might call this surrounding material the co-nucleus.
For the Clojurian I was talking to, implementation inheritance is co-nuclear. There's probably no way for him to accept that it has valid uses.

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