Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fast dynamic casting

Fast dynamic casting, a cute paper by Michael Gibbs and Bjarne Stroustrup:
We have demonstrated that it is possible for a linker to generate integer type IDs for classes such that it may be verified by a simple integer modulo computation that one class derives from another in an object-oriented language. When combined with a suitable way of adjusting offsets, this method provides for a fast, constant-time dynamic casting algorithm. A 64-bit type ID is capable of representing quite large class hierarchies containing thousands of classes and at least nine levels deep.
I knew that prime numbers could be used for this somehow, but these guys have already worked it out.

Relatedly, I've also been thinking about using perfect hashing to implement multiple dispatch. It should work just fine, and actually reduce the number of type tests, compared to single dispatch. Unforch, I'm still in the make-it-work phase, which is followed by the make-it-correct phase. Only then does the glorious make-it-fast phase start.

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Harrison Ainsworth said...

(You are forgetting the critical make-it-a-cool-buzzword phase.)