Monday, September 20, 2010

The ghosts of blog posts past

Ah, blogging. On the one hand there's value to reading someone's opinion unfiltered and raw. On the other hand it creates a lot of friction, and pisses people off.

This is a blog. It is a special medium. I'm not writing articles, which I expect to stand the test of time. I don't let my friends preview the posts I write, and point out their problems. Because I think there's a difference between writing articles (as, say, Paul Graham does) and blogging. And both have merits. This is a blog.

It presents my opinions and mood at a specific point in time. If you don't like it, argue with me, but don't take it too seriously. Take my posts like snarky or humorous remarks over a beer. That's how I write them. Because that's what I think is one of the things blogs are good for, and that's how I'm running this particular blog.

-- Manuel

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Catherine said...

Rock on!

The same goes with mine.